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15 People Who Were Lucky Enough to Visit Egypt and Returned With Tons of Impressions

A trip to another country is always an adventure, especially if you’re visiting it for the first time and are amazed by local particularities. Egypt is no exception either. Many tourists come here to see the pyramids and the underwater beauty of the Red Sea, but it turns out that you can also fly in hot-air balloons there and see many cats with cunning eyes sitting on every corner.

At Bright Side, we’re always happy to look at travel photos, and this time was no different.

When you give too many tips:

“I left tips for cleaning every day. Towel figures became more and more complicated. Eventually, I got this monster.”

“I had the same beast on the beach.”

“We bought a lot of fruit because, here, you should buy no less than 2 pounds at once.”

“Fruit and vegetables are popular foods here because they’re quite cheap. And winter in Egypt is the season of strawberries.”

Cairo at night

An unexpected encounter in one of the Egyptian pyramids

All cats in Egypt are as long as hot dogs and have this kind of cunning face.

And they can easily take your chair on the beach.

“I almost lost my phone. These 2 photos have a 2-second difference.”

You can try moussaka not only in Greece.

“My brother went on a trip to Egypt and saw mummified crocodiles exhibited in a museum.”

After a rainstorm in Egypt —it looks awesome!

Hot-air balloons in Luxor

The pyramids of Egypt from another angle

“Breakfast time: morning cookies make sure tourists don’t lose weight.”

The underwater world of the Red Sea

Bonus: a story about ants

2 of my friends were vacationing in Egypt at different times, and they ran into a problem. Boxer Dmitry’s story was: “We were sitting in the room. I saw ants crawling. We tried to get rid of them almost for the entire night, so didn’t sleep well.” Biologist Victor’s story was: “I saw an ant. I took my wife’s perfume, soaked a cotton pad with it, and rubbed the threshold through which the insect climbed. That was it, then we slept peacefully. You see, ants are guided by trail pheromones: if you remove them, ants will stop crawling into the room.” This is that rare case when the knowledge gained in college becomes useful in everyday life. © FridaSwanhild / Pikabu

“We also had ants in our room in Egypt. But I didn’t try to get rid of them and just took a photo of them. They follow the sweet smell. So they ate my sugar and left satisfied.”

Have you ever been to Egypt? What were your impressions? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit temaweb / Pikabu
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