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14 People Who Know Firsthand That Bad Deeds Don’t Go Unpunished

It may be difficult to believe in karma, but injustice often comes back like a boomerang whether in the form of the victim’s response or just as an accident. Internet users from today’s compilation have witnessed these events. Some of them were even pretty shaken up by this.

We at Bright Side hope that after this punishment these people at least became a little kinder.

  • I used to be a zookeeper. A rude visitor decided to make fun of the appearance of our llama who had corrective jaw surgery. When this woman pointed and laughed at our llama, the llama wasn’t taken aback and she spat in her face. I gave the llama a treat and told her that she was a good girl. © MyNameIsNotRyn / Reddit

  • My dad described this situation as one of the most pleasant things he has ever seen. He was driving back from the beach when traffic got really bad because of an accident. Many people started driving on the side of the road to get ahead of the traffic, and my dad decided to do the right thing and be patient. As we moved closer, he saw 2 policemen — one was stopping all the side-road drivers, and the other one was writing tickets for them. © DrDudeManJones / Reddit

  • I left a company 2 years ago because our bonuses were reduced. I heard the following phrase, “Bonuses are paid by the bosses voluntarily, and if we don’t want to, we won’t pay them at all.” But the problem was that the new employees were told that their salary would add up to a certain amount of money and it didn’t. This led to the fact that 10 experienced specialists asked the company to pay them a couple of hundred dollars more, and when the management team refused, they quit. So a new employee had to be sent to perform a certain task, and his actions caused several thousand dollars’ worth of damage to an oil well. This is how they saved money. © adeptus102 / Pikabu

  • I worked at a grocery store. Some of the shelves with groceries were too high, and I only had an uncomfortable stool, which I could easily fall from. When I asked a coworker to come to me so I could lean on his shoulder, my supervisor called me a “princess.” Later, he himself was putting bottles of Coke on the top shelves and fell, breaking his arm. © ChileConCaveman / Reddit

  • I was on a job interview to work for a studio, and a girl was conducting the interview. I asked her about the salary and I mentioned the number that was mentioned in the published vacancy. She said, “Well, no, we’ll have to teach you everything!” — and she reduced the number to half. I asked what I needed to be taught because I knew everything stated in the vacancy. She didn’t answer and just repeated that they would pay me 2 times less. I said goodbye, and after a couple of weeks, I was already working elsewhere. 5 years later, this lady came to the doorstep of my company to get a job. After asking her a couple of questions, I realized that she wasn’t a good fit for this job position, and repeated that very phrase she said to me about the salary. She left and almost broke the doors. maseal / Pikabu

  • Last night, a noisy person turned up the music in their car so loud that my windows and walls seemed to cease to exist. Several people from my building went down to them to ask to turn it down, but faced aggressive rebuff, so the problem was solved only with the help of the police. But now I’m watching how the owner of that car change his tires (because someone slashed them) after that night. It’s a nice view. © RanaeEst / Pikabu

  • I drove behind a car with a completely tinted rear window. I tried to get past it, turned on the turn signal, but that car began to shift in the same direction. I honked because the driver might have fallen asleep, you never know. But it turned out that he had decided to prevent me from getting past his car. I caught the right moment, started to pass him, and saw 3 guys in that car making faces and obscene gestures. I managed to put some distance between our cars, and on the way back, I saw them again. But they were no longer making faces — they were waving their arms near their broken down car. © prapor35 / Pikabu

  • I was at a hospital. The surgeon came, put some eyedrops into my eye, and later, without interrupting the conversation with a colleague, she began to do something with it. It hurt me, but she answered irritably, “Even children don’t whine like this!” But then the nurse whispered to her, “You didn’t give him an injection of anesthesia.” I said all the bad words I knew to her. Then they treated me at the expense of the clinic and with another surgeon. If she at least spoke politely with me, then I would have had a different reaction. © 777th / Pikabu

  • This is what I came across on an evening walk. “If you’re looking for the grey bike — I stole it back. It was mine. Photos and serial number to prove! So long sucker! Ha Ha loser!” © rgilligan85 / Reddit
  • I stopped a spinning fidget spinner on my girlfriend’s forehead. She chased me, I jumped on my bed, and my ceiling fan smacked the foolishness out of me. She was on the floor laughing for 5 minutes. © insurance_novice / Reddit

Has anything like this happened to you? Tell us your stories.

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