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14 Times On-Screen Clothes Went Viral Among Ordinary People

Nowadays, when creating a modern wardrobe, we usually look at popular bloggers who gather millions of “likes” on Instagram. But before the development of the Internet, women who wanted to look trendy and stylish had other references, such as various looks from movies and TV shows. But even today, there are films that give us style inspiration through their characters.

We at Bright Side watched old and new movies that have one thing in common: bright characters with personal style. And today’s compilation will show you images from movies that didn’t go unnoticed by the fashion industry.


Hardly anyone would be able to retell, in detail, all the twists and turns of the famous TV series, Sex and the City, but its bright opening credits with Sarah Jessica Parker running around town in a tutu was definitely one of the most-remembered details. Fashion-mongers quickly picked up on the flirty, feminine trend, leading to a more mainstream boom that took place at the end of the 2000s.


The young Natalie Portman who played the main role in the cult thriller, Léon: The Professional got viewers’ attention not only with her acting chops but with her bright style. Girls all over the world still don bob hairstyles and wear dark glasses with round lenses.


In the late ’60s, the famous Catherine Deneuve starred in the Belle de Jour drama by Luis Buñuel. One of the actress’s iconic outfits was a classic black dress with a white collar. This perfect solution for a modern office look is still popular today.


After the release of the movie, Bonnie and Clyde, starring Faye Dunaway, many American girls were inspired by the main character’s look. As a result, woolen berets and bright neck scarves became wildly popular.


In 2006, Kirsten Dunst played Marie Antoinette in a movie of the same name. And everyone who was somewhat fashion-minded was inspired to bring back embroidered dresses with crinolines and incredible tower-like hairstyles. Moreover, Christian Louboutin created shoes that even a French queen wouldn’t be able to pass up.


The image of January Jones that appeared in 2007 in the series, Mad Men, also contributed to the resurrection of styles from the past. Thus, dresses with buttons and loose skirts from the “new look” style became trendy again.


In 2001, Gwyneth Paltrow acted in the movie, The Royal Tenenbaums, by Wes Anderson and accidentally started 2 trends: the bob hairstyle complemented by decorative clips and the polo-dress.


The gorgeous Meryl Streep is famous for her diverse film roles, but still, one of her most remarkable works was as the main role in the comedy-drama, The Devil Wears Prada. Apparently, the blazer her character Miranda Priestly wore that was embroidered with sequins is going to remain trendy for a long time.


The movie Overboard can easily be considered one of the most successful romantic comedies of the ’80s. But in addition to the intriguing plot and charming actors, many viewers were impressed by the gorgeous outfits Goldie Hawn and Katherine Helmond got to wear. Since then, wide-brimmed summer hats have become timeless classics.


Today, the wardrobe of every fashion-monger likely has a lingerie-style dress. But in 2001, when the comedy Legally Blonde had just been released, this outfit enhanced the bold and courageous personality of the main character, played by Reese Witherspoon.


A boater and a white lace dress are the main components of Vivean Gray’s image in the 1975 mystical drama, Picnic at Hanging Rock. Today, these wardrobe items are an integral part of the country style.


The elements of Gillian Anderson’s look in The X-Files series that made her famous are quite trendy nowadays. The masculine coat fits perfectly with any modern urban look.


The star of Friends, Lisa Kudrow, also acted in the hit comedy, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion in 1997. Her short dress with the fur trim is now experiencing a rebirth.


The movie Working Girl, which centered around a go-getting secretary played by Melanie Griffith, has seriously influenced fashion trends. The trenchcoat combined with sneakers was one of the most real looks we first saw in the flick.

What movie characters’ looks have you copied?