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10+ Times When Makeup and Costume Artists Really Messed Up

Of course, it is extremely difficult to perfect every last detail in a film. But viewers hope that they won’t see really obvious bloopers, like times when a costume appears in the wrong time period or when objects mysteriously appear and disappear. Of course, some people think it’s not a big deal, but we still don’t like it when we see these things.

We at Bright Side have seen some moments like this. And if we missed something else, tell us in the comment section below!

  • The makeup of the Edwardian era was quite different from what we see on the face of Rose, the main character of Titanic. Lips were supposed to be red, and rouge was applied to get that healthy rosy flush on the cheeks. Also eye make-up wasn’t that common, as the eyebrows were the main focus in this era.

  • In Doctor Strange, doctors are doing brain surgery without masks. For surgeons, their assistants, and scrub nurses this is impossible in real life.
  • Here’s another example of changing history in order to make the look more interesting. Cleopatra ruled from 51-30 BCE, when there could be no clothes that even remotely resembled those worn by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. But Taylor, as the Egyptian Empress, was very memorable in this role.
  • And the patterned sole in Alpha is definitely a mistake, because the film is set in a time when there could be no soles like this.
  • Angelina Jolie in Alexander looks stunning, but there are a few mistakes. At the time, fabrics weren’t sewn together, also a noble woman would never appear in public without a belt. The Ancient Greek costume was a chiton (an undergarment draped about the body) and a cloak on top of it called a peplos.
  • In To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, the cardigan Lara Jean is wearing was inside out in one scene and then looked normal in the next one.
  • Unfortunately, even the creators of The Lord of the Rings made a mistake. When Sam says goodbye to Frodo, we first see Sam wearing a vest that disappears in the next shot.
  • In Slumdog Millionaire, the jewelry on the face of the girl appears and disappears.
  • In Silver Linings Playbook, the main character played by Bradley Cooper wrapped his feet with duct tape while sitting on the floor. But in the next shot, the tape is gone and Jennifer Lawrence is wrapping his feet for him.
  • In The Dark Knight, the Joker changes his hair color from brown to green in a matter of seconds.
  • You can see a piece of the puffy jacket Sam Tarly is wearing in Game of Thrones.
  • While working on Marie Antoinette, the costume designers tried to show the atmosphere of the time, but there were no Converse shoes in the 18th century. The dresses in the film didn’t have as much lace as they should have, which was very indicative of the Rococo style of the time.

  • In Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, the character of Brad Pitt wears a Bullhead watch that didn’t come out until 1970 and the film is set in 1969.

Do you think that these mistakes in movies are important or are they not a big deal? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below!

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