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Internet Users Showed Us 20 Faces in the Most Unexpected Objects, and Now We Can’t Unsee Them

Seeing faces in places where they’re not supposed to be is a pretty common thing, and we bet it’s happened to you too. There’s even a word that describes this phenomenon — it’s called pareidolia. In clouds, in trees, in an open container of ice cream, or even in a T-shirt hanging on a chair — faces are everywhere if we just use a bit of our imagination.

Here at Bright Side, we found these 20 pareidolic pictures for you, and we hope you can enlarge this collection with your own shots.

1. “My Wi-Fi extender looks like it needs a hug.”

2. “I was piping some meringue cookies, and accidentally made a cute little ghost.”

3. “My fried eggs made a face.”

4. “My cactus bloomed in a smiley face pattern.”

5. “Bubbles made a face in my hot cocoa mix! That’s a cocoa frog!”

6. “I found a face on a tree today.”

7. “Me in the morning before I drink coffee”

8. “I peeled open my ice cream and saw a happy face.”

9. “Found a naturally occurring smiley face of mushrooms during our walk yesterday.”

10. Hello there!

11. “This rock I found that has a smiley face on it”

12. Turns out, clouds can smile too.

13. This tree looks like it’s going to start speaking at any moment.

14. “This loaf of bread I saw at my local supermarket... I think it saw me first!”

15. “This oven kinda looks like an Easter Island head.”

16. When you bake a cake in a good mood, and it smiles back at you:

17. “Found this old happy face in my margarine”

18. “Bring me Solo and the Wookie.”

19. It looks like a fantasy story hero turned into a rock.

20. When your drink is happy to see you:

Do you often see faces in the objects around you? Share the pictures of your best pareidolic discoveries in the comments!

Preview photo credit b3lch3r1977 / Reddit