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20+ Things That Still Work Perfectly Even Though Their Warranty Period Is Over

Everything has a lifespan that was incorporated into its design. But some of them are made so perfectly, that they look and work like new ones even after decades. These household or wardrobe items often become family heirlooms, which are passed on from generation to generation.

We at Bright Side are sure that things that have been made for centuries are present in our homes as well. But we are so used to them, that many of us pay no attention to them, however, some of them are older than their owners.

“The triple-generation wedding shoes that my grandmother (1953), mother (1982) and I (2011) wore.”

“We bought our son a cool modern bicycle that can play music, but he wasn’t able to ride it. That’s when my mother got this old monster from her garage. It’s 30+ years old and it very convenient for my son.”

“My mother-in-law used this blanket for her oldest daughter, who is 52 years old now, then she used it for her son. Now it had been inherited by our little one.”

“1980’s Schott Perfecto. Had some repairs done and it should be good for another 35 years!”

“When was the last time you saw a toy with Swiss movement? Fisher-price clock radio circa 1964. Still works.”

“Purchased by my Mom with babysitting money around 1958. Still works great, good thing too, she never filled out the warranty card!”

“Still sporting my dad’s tent from the ’70s. No leaks, and doesn’t require a rain fly. All original poles intact after 44 years.”

“My daughter pulled this out of a box of toys at my mother-in-law’s house. Anyone remember having one of these?”

“My Dad’s down vest from 1984 still keeps me warm!”

“Just inherited my great-grandmother’s coffee grinder. This model was discontinued in 1947, but still helped make a great cup of coffee this morning!”

“My family carefully keeps all of their wedding dresses. Yesterday my sister and I tried on our granny’s wedding dress (1961) and our great-grandmother’s dress (1939).”

“My parents bought this cheese grater shortly after getting married in 1977. I took it when I moved out on my own 20 years ago. It still does the job.”

“Been wearing these shoes weekly for 25 years. Changed the soles once — that’s it.”

“My daughter’s desk I picked up and restored for home-schooling”

“Elna Supermatic sewing machine. Swiss made. Sewing perfectly for 60 years. ”

“This is a trucker jacket that belonged to my mother in the ‘70s. I’ve worn it for years and it’s still as nice as the day I inherited it.”

“My 1956 stove, still going strong after 64 years.”

“My 2-year-old niece is playing with our childhood toy. Did you have this too?”

“My husband’s grandmother’s hat collection. Many of these hats were handed down to her from her mom.”

“Leica M3, born on 6/30/1965. Built to be handed down between generations of photographers.”

“A foldable picnic table—bought in ~ the late ‘80s by my parents. Comes along on every camping activity.”

“13-year-old cast iron frying pan used daily (left) vs 1-month-old modern one (right). Spend $30 on a 12” cast iron and start winning."

“My father-in-law gave me this to give to my son. It belonged to his son, now in his mid-30s. Metal frame and bed. They don’t make them like this anymore.”

“My 3 main assistants in the kitchen from the middle of the last century”

Do you own things that have been serving you for many years and are not going to give up their place to some fashionable novelties?

Preview photo credit Wabisabiharv / Reddit