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20 Snowy Photos That’ll Turn Your Winter Spirit On

Getting to see the first snowfall over the weekend could be great, only to find out by Monday that you can’t get to work because your car is literally buried under the snow. But there are more other unique and even magical things that we can only experience during winter.

We at Bright Side took this opportunity to show you what life during winter can be like for some of us.

1. “Just a one-day difference.”

2. “I should have parked in my garage.”

3. Hopefully there’s a heater inside.

4. “I built this dome just in time for winter.”

5. “Wheel icicles!”

6. My basketball hoop grew a hat.

7. That’s one impressive snow sculpture.

8. Now that’s a-maze-ing!

9. “This is what happens when you forget to turn off the sprinklers during winter.”

10. This is what it looks like when the desert meets winter.

11. That is not a tablecloth.

12. Winter means it’s time to climb a frozen waterfall.

13. When snow plays a prank on you:

14. “Fog froze on my fence this morning.”

15. “The snow decided to defy gravity.”

16. Snow curtains installed!

17. At least I know when I have a visitor.

18. Wait, how do I get in?

19. Well at least the road is cleared of snow.

20. Next stop: Winter city!

Do you enjoy the winter season? Why or why not?

Preview photo credit AlexVenger / pikabu
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