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20 Photos That Show There’s No Escape From the Fierce Embrace of Time

Time takes its toll on everything. And even though everything seems to stay the same, if you take a look back, you’ll see just how much things have changed. And what better way to witness the inevitable grip of time than through photography.

We at Bright Side were left in awe by these 20 photos that show just how much time changes everything, and we think you’ll get a real kick out of the compilation below.

1. “After 15 years of hard work, it’s time to retire my old Red Wings.”

2. “I’ve had this wallet for 7 years. Just found the same exact one at a store.”

3. “My grandmother’s book collection from the ’80s”

4. “My wallet after 15 months without a headphone jack”

5. “My 20±year-old copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone — kindly signed by JK Rowling in 2000.”

6. “The way this door was worn down by its bell”

7. “The way this parking garage got worn out by tires over time”

8. “My mom bought the same stuffed animal for my sister in case she lost it and after 16 years, we found all 4 of them.”

9. “The mark this chain made”

10. “My mom found a cute rug at the store. Brought it home and it was the same one she’d had before.”

11. “A 40-year-old 12-sided die, from my days playing D&D — now playing again with my daughter.”

12. “Our family Christmas candle, it’s older than me, we’ve had it for probably 20 years, and we burn it every single Christmas.”

13. “Knife at my work that’s halfway gone from sharpening”

14. “The flooring from my barber’s shop”

15. “12-year anniversary replacement”

16. “This groove in the pavement made from the gate”

17. “You can tell where people preferred to step.”

18. “Finally found a replacement for my cat’s favorite toy mouse.”

19. “Here I present to you my 26-year-old teddy bears. One I used and the other one, not so much.”

20. “After 3 years of daily wear, I finally replaced my insoles.”

Which of these photos do you think really emphasizes the ruthless effect of time? Do you have any similar photos? If yes, share them in the comment section.

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