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20 People That Prove to Have a Knack for Crafting

Many of the things we have at home are mass-produced, which is why handmade items have special value — especially if we’ve made them ourselves. There are lots of people with a knack for creating wonderful and even practical stuff, a talent not all of us can easily show off.

That’s why Bright Side compiled some pictures shared by Internet users where the end product of their crafting adventure is a sight to behold.

1. “I made a ‘game over’ cross stitch piece!”

2. “I made a 3-prong wooden hair fork with cat ears.”

3. “Homemade pesto that I froze for later use. Meet Darth Pesto!”

4. “I made these crop tops that I’ve been seeing trending this week. It’s not much, but I enjoyed the easy, relaxed project!”

5. “I made these ramen charms!”

6. “I built a treehouse in the backyard.”

7. “I made a giant squid out of microfleece because why not?”

8. “I finally finished my giant stained-glass hippo and I’m dying. It looks so good!”

9. “I’m an alien abducting some cows.”

10. “I made another crochet donut blanket!”

11. “Finally succeeded in lacing in resin!”

12. “A little weekend project that my wife and I just finished”

13. “An oil painting I made today — I call it The Skullet.

14. “This is my cyberpunk inspired 3D painting with built-in LEDs. It took me over a month to paint it!”

15. “I crocheted a Witch Sally costume for my daughter.”

16. “I finished my project just in time to get back to work.”

17. “I made these 2 looks based on how I grew up in Soweto, a township in South Africa, as a tribute to my grandmother.”

18. “Hand-stitched shoes”

19. “My husband and I remodeled our house ourselves.”

20. “I made this at work, and everyone freaked out for some reason.”

Do you prefer buying things or making them yourself? Are you good at crafting? If you have pictures of your creations, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Preview photo credit tiiimmmyyyy / Reddit