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20+ People That Had an Epic Fail Because They Weren’t Paying Attention

Our attention can only be focused on one thing at a time and there have been experiments that have proven this. Volunteers watched a game of 2 teams dressed in black and white clothes. Their job was to count the number of passes from each team. The subjects got the right number of passes, but 50% of them didn’t even notice that there was a person who was wearing a full gorilla suit.

Sometimes our attention fails us, but we at Bright Side know that situations like this often become interesting stories. We’ve made you a new compilation of funny stories that happened to us and other internet users.

  • My whole life, I would first pull the zipper up on my pants and then fix the belt. Then, when I was in college, my roommate told me that true men first fix the belt and then pull the zipper. After that, I’ve had so many days when my fly was wide open and I didn’t even know that... © Dmitriy Tsoy / Facebook

  • My husband and I went to a small store. There weren’t a lot of people, just us and several female employees. So here I was, all passionate about shopping, and I went up to my husband and hugged him tenderly. I asked him if he wanted anything (meaning food) and then I felt someone pulling my other hand. I turn my head and I see my husband pulling me. So, I was hugging a complete stranger! He was shocked. The employees were laughing and my husband still remembers this situation and laughs. © Olga Abaskalova / Facebook

“My employee forgot to close the bathroom window last night. I think it’s a baby hawk.”

  • My mother often leaves the doors of closets and other storage areas open. You can just follow her and close every door behind her. So, I have this habit: when I see an open door, I say, “Hi, mom” and close it. My family doesn’t even notice it. So, a few days ago, I was walking past the freezer in a store and saw an open door. I closed it and said, “Hi, mom.” There was a guy beside it that got really scared when he saw me do this. © a.elyzarova / Pikabu
  • Today, I put my phone on the car roof and fixed my daughter’s car seat. I completely forgot about my phone. Then, I started driving and it fell off the top, onto the road, and I drove over it. © Ccrex / FML
  • Once, my parents told me to go to the store. I went to the door, pulled the door, and looked, and it didn’t open. I couldn’t figure out why until I looked at a sign on the door that said, “This door is closed.” So I went back home and later it turned out that there was another entrance to the right. © Terraglim / Twitter

  • I went to bed late and woke up because my phone rang. I was still tired and I quickly looked at the screen and saw that it was my girlfriend. I picked up the phone and said, “Hi, babe.” She was pretty surprised, so I looked at the screen again and realized that it was my new boss that had the same name as my girlfriend. © Anonymous / FML

“I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine.”

  • I had spent 5 minutes at the supermarket waiting for an employee to cut me a piece of meat. After another 5 minutes, one customer just took a piece by herself. It turned out that there was a shelf where you’re supposed to just take food by yourself. © tomuracosp / Twitter

  • Today, I was stunned for 10 minutes while trying to fix the toaster, until I called my brother to help me. I forgot the toaster was unplugged. Now, my brother is 100% sure he’s smarter than me. © Сoco1234 / FML

“Forgot that the stove was still hot after cooking.”

  • This really tall guy started working at our company. Everyone called him Little. I thought, yeah, that’s a funny nickname, so I called him Little too. It turned out that Little was his last name. © blohovod13 / Pikabu

  • When I had just gotten my driver’s license, I scratched the bumper of someone else’s car. And the driver of that car turned out to be my mother’s relative who I didn’t even recognize, but he recognized me. © Gruxxxyyy / Pikabu

  • For 3 days, I argued with my husband about who had lost the extra set of car keys. I blamed him. I just found them in my coat pocket. Now, I have to hide them again so I’m not the guilty one! © vicky4244 / Twitter

  • I was alone in a friend’s apt in NYC. The phone started ringing and I couldn’t find it. I could see the phone cord, so I picked it up and yanked it. Then the phone came flying right at me, hit me square in the forehead, and I went right down. It left a 1/2″ scar. © AlexMV543 / Twitter

  • Several times, my husband forgot to take a big suitcase that he had to return to his colleague. I was so mad, that I put it right on the doormat at the entrance and instead of taking it he just stepped over it! © sonadarao / Instagram

  • Once, my husband and I were looking for a blender knife. We opened the drawer where it usually was 4 different times and couldn’t find it. We found it in the same drawer on the fifth attempt. © irapozdeeva / Instagram

  • A wife sent her husband on a walk with their child in a stroller. The baby was crying and the father had no idea what to do. Fortunately, the crying stopped and the father decided to go buy a magazine to read. He sat on the bench, read it for a while, and then went home. And when his wife asked, “Where’s our daughter?” he just shrugged and went into the apartment. The wife screamed, “Where is the stroller?” and then the husband realized what happened and ran to the park together with his wife. Fortunately, they found the kid right where the father left her. © Tetya Nura / AdMe

  • I was walking down the street and then I saw a mirror on a door and was looking into it, so I didn’t notice the lamppost... The man standing next to the door was laughing out loud. I said it could’ve happened to anyone. His reply knocked me off my feet, “I thought the same when the first girl hit her face on the lamppost. Now you...” I know it sounds funny, but my forehead still hurts. © larisaMelissa / pikabu

Do you have stories about when you failed the attention test? Share them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit larisaMelissa / pikabu