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20 Confusing Pictures We Needed a Second Look at to Understand

Most of us have a very individualistic vision. Everything we feel tends to resonate with our surroundings. We can often see faces and patterns in random things, and there’s even a scientific name for it, pareidolia. But sometimes, we have to look at something twice to make sense of what we truly saw. Scary shadows that look like ghosts are one such thing.

We at Bright Side found these pictures a little mind-boggling as well. Finding out what truly was behind the scenes made us smile and they’ll brighten your day too.

1. “I found the soul of Sid the sloth in a fence I stained.”

2. “Found a Loch Ness monster made out of old tires.”

3. “I found some red jasper (a type of rock) and it looks like some kind of meat.”

4. “My Burger King order was printed on a Subway receipt roll.”

5. “It’s all fun and games until you find the biohazard clover!”

6. That’s a “sad redhead.”

7. “This balcony has a balcony on it.”

8. An army of frogs

9. “I made a gingerbread version of my family’s house.”

10. All eyes on you?

11. “The way this pepper protruded on a slice of pepper jack cheese looks like a person.”

12. “People shot bottles in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, and the wind sweeps to accumulate in the low places.”

13. “Sagrada Familia stained glass creates rainbows indoors.”

14. “The tiniest mantis you’ve (n)ever seen”

15. “This shredded money table at my college — who made it and why?”

16. “2 blokes are throwing down all the balls stuck on the roof at my kids’ school.”

17. “No longer will I pull the fan instead of the light.”

18. “I made this table out of Lego bricks!”

19. “My hero, traveling through the airport with his carry-on pizza in a briefcase”

20. “This ornate column in the Bank of Ireland reminds me of Tim Curry.”

What scene did you come across recently that required you to take another keener look? What confused you about it? Share your funny double-take stories with us.

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