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15 Times Men Proved That Their Relationship With Feminine Products “Is Complicated”

Not all men are clueless regarding feminine products, especially beauty products like moisturizers, makeup brushes, shampoo bars, and facial scrubs. But some men are straight up Homer Simpson: Their level of understanding when it comes to how to use a specific body lotion, anti-aging cream, or makeup tool is close to zero. In addition, if you asked them, they would reply with Homer’s quintessential: “Ugh.”

Bright Side gathered 15 tweets from women who have a “Homer Simpson” husband or boyfriend in their lives. Check it out!

1. At least it was just the sink, right?

2. The first time, right...

3. Because he didn’t pay for it...

4. This is why they only need a basic soap.

5. Oh my God...

6. Now his head feels fresh...

7. Does he know how to read?

8. No comment...

9. Should she forgive him because he’s a kid?

10. Armpit rejuvenation

11. I think he’s too lazy to go buy shaving cream

12. If you grabbed any part of his computer, he would be furious.

13. Again: It’s because he didn’t pay for it. 😓

14. He probably has no idea how much a SIGMA brush costs.

15. How hard is it to read a package, OMG?

What do you think of these stories? Do you live with a man like this? Tell us in the comments! 😊