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15+ Things That Reveal Their True Selves After a Blink or 2

There are many optical illusions that can be made specifically to trick our minds. But sometimes these visual tricks happen by chance — like a cake that looks exactly like a sponge or a tortilla that looks like the moon — and we don’t necessarily notice them at first glance.

Bright Side has compiled a list of these deceptive images that will make you question reality from now on and prove that your eyes can’t be trusted.

1. “I almost ate a praying mantis that was in my salad!”

2. An edible AirPod

3. Believe it or not, this is a cake.

4. Bottomless Converse

5. This theatre looks like a laptop at first glance.

6. A square portal in a brick wall

7. “Was wondering why this guy was staring at me from his car. Turns out, it’s an advertisement on the car behind it!”

8. Not the moon, just a tortilla...

9. This part of a tree stump looks like a small wooden metropolis.

10. Not a dragon egg, just ham!

11. “I overcooked an egg and it looks like a person is trying to climb out of it.”

12. Delicious rubberbands that are actually noodles

13. Spider-tea, spider-tea...

14. This iceberg shark rock

15. Don’t eat this strawberry frosting — it’s actually just spackling paste.

16. Very dangerous not-carrot sticks made out of potassium tetrachloroaurate

17. You shouldn’t eat these grapes, they’re actually botryoidal chalcedony minerals.

Which one of these tricked you the most? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit DirgeofElliot / Reddit