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15 People Who Took a Risk Making a Purchase Online, and It Paid Off

Let’s be honest: our expectations often differ from reality. When we order things online, we usually receive something really different. Even restaurant dishes can look completely different from their pictures on the menu. But the heroes of this article got lucky and managed to purchase goods that turned out to be even better than they imagined.

At Bright Side, we’re really happy for those who managed to have successful shopping experiences.

“I took a chance and ordered the dress despite the comments that said it was too big, the waist was in the wrong place, the collar was too wide, and it smelled bad. The dress is just super.”

When the actual product is better than the promo image:

“I’m in Tbilisi. I’ve just received my ice-cream in a hot waffle.”

“My burrito looks better than the menu picture.”

“My cake (on the right) came out better than expected.”

“I’m so ecstatic about the wedding dress that I ordered online. I put off buying it for a long time but it exceeded all my expectations.”

“13 pierogies in my box of 12”

The pizza is exactly the same as it’s shown on the package.

“I ordered a picture of my sweet, late Persephone. The artist surpassed any and all expectations!”

“I wasn’t disappointed.”

“I had low expectations for this dress that I ordered for an event, but it actually was the perfect dress!”

“I gave the picture on the left to a local baker. The actual Hungry Unicorn cake I received is on the right.”

“I really prefer the unicorn on the right. It’s far cuter.”

“I was quite surprised and pleased with the accuracy of the picture.”

“I ordered a slipcover from those Instagram ads. Pleasantly surprised!”

“I ordered my dress online and it’s perfection. The skirt comes off and it has a short dress underneath for the reception.”

How often do you order things online? Which purchases do you remember the most? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Amazon, iwaslostbutnowisee / Reddit