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14 Things From the Past That It’s Time to Let Go Of

When we do some cleaning at home, we often don’t throw away old items, hoping that we’ll need them again. But then we’re left with giant bags of stuff we hope to wear someday or sell for good money but never actually get to them, leaving these to do nothing more than take up space. But is it really that smart to hold onto things that we just can’t bear to throw away?

We at Bright Side also have trouble getting rid of old things, so while writing this article, we also checked our attics and wardrobes for things to throw away that we no longer need.

Memorable medals

Many of us still have old yet memorable medals in our wardrobes that we won for taking part in sports competitions, from summer camp, and so on. However, aside from the memories they hold, these aren’t at all valuable because they’re likely made of plastic or very thin metal. However, if they really serve as important memories to you, don’t get rid of them.

Old-fashioned china

Of course, china sets are all different. And if you happen to have any expensive china, you can try to sell it or keep it if you want. But if you have pieces made of cheap materials that aren’t valuable or important to you, get rid of them and don’t think twice about it.

Mass-produced toys

Many people say that plastic used to be far more high-quality than it is today. However, a study conducted by the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom recently proved that old toys can contain harmful toxic elements and be dangerous for the health of your children.


In the past, almost every house had a lot of crystal in the form of glasses, bowls, and more. Nobody really used these things on regular days, only on special occasions. But today, we can definitely get rid of these things to make space for new dishes.

Newspaper and magazine clippings

When we were young, we used to collect magazines, photos of our favorite celebrities, and memorable interviews. But today, with computers and the Internet at your fingertips, you can find any text or photo online in a matter of seconds, so there’s no point in keeping piles of paper collecting dust deep in your cupboards.

Wedding dresses

Girls often have a hard time saying goodbye to their wedding dresses because they remind them of one of the happiest days of their lives. But in reality, this dress takes up a lot of space in your wardrobe, the white fabric can get yellow with time, and you definitely won’t ever wear it again.

Massive golden jewelry

Golden rings with giant gems, big necklaces, and chunky bracelets used to be passed down from generation to generation and kept in our grandmothers’ collections. They believed that if something bad happened, the jewelry would be sold and provide them with money for a rainy day. However, these pieces of gold can be worth dozens of times less than they used to in any pawn shop. Don’t throw away jewelry if you love it and wear it. But keeping it “just in case” isn’t worth it. You can always give the pieces to someone that likes them or sell them and buy something you will enjoy.


Glass jars used to be bought in large numbers to conserve food. But if you still have some glass jars in your cupboards, you can throw them away. If you ever need new ones, you can just get them at a supermarket — they don’t cost that much.

Tablecloths for special occasions

Many people have beautiful white tablecloths that have spent years sitting in closets, waiting for a special occasion to roll around. But when they were finally used, people couldn’t help but notice the yellow spots on them because they were stored for too long. And people don’t throw them away because they just can’t bear to do so. If you know you’ll never use a tablecloth again, throw it away.


We’re talking about those small decorative things many of us have at home. We buy them when we’re on vacation or get them as presents from someone else. Of course, they’re not valuable at all and they only collect dust, which is very hard to clean.

Copper bracelets

In the past, people used to wear copper bracelets on their wrists because they believed that copper helped to reduce stress on the joints and lower blood pressure. Obviously, it’s not true and it’s better to see a specialist if you have these health issues.

Children’s crafts

Crafts kids make look cute but there’s no point in keeping them as they collect a lot of dust and are impossible to clean. Take a photo of them and throw them away.

Metal paintings

In the past, people used to love metal paintings. They’d use a metal sheet and a hammer to put a drawing on it. But today, this decorative element can look old-fashioned and inappropriate.

Wallpaper leftovers

The golden rule of any renovation is this: keep the wallpaper leftovers in case you need them to fix something. But let’s be honest — you’ll never use these pieces. So throw them away and forget about them.

What else would you add to this list of necessary things that you keep at home even though you’ll never need them? Do you have any items like these?