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10+ People Who Failed Miserably in the Running for “Employee of the Month”

Many people dream of achieving success in their occupation. But to become a master in your field and see your photo in the hall of fame, you’ll need to come a long way. The careers of some people end before they even have a chance to begin.

We at Bright Side came across a thread on Reddit dedicated to those who expected to get close to their dream job, but in fact, turned out to come really close to being fired.

  • One guy got fired after 3 hours of his first shift at a grocery store. He was serving an annoying customer and ended up throwing a cabbage at her. When the manager came and told him to go home, he wasn’t surprised. I was standing next to him the whole time. And I can say it was an entertaining day. © Revolutionary_Oil897 / Reddit
  • I work at the seafood counter. A 19-year-old guy was walking out of the store when his shift ended and 5 pounds of crab legs fell out of his pants. Right in front of the manager. © wanderin_fool / Reddit
  • One guy slept through 2 meetings on his first day. He started the second meeting snoring. © xsited1 / Reddit
  • My co-worker quit his great job with a great salary and went to work for a radio repair place. He got fired on his first day for stealing parts for his own radio at home. It had been over a year, and he got back with us. I was surprised they rehired him. He got fired for being a security risk about a year later. © PresidentStone / Reddit

  • I worked in a service elevator at an apartment for wealthy people. We told our new employee not to speak unless he was spoken to because rich people can be cagey sometimes. And what did
    the new guy do? He started a conversation right away and asked one of the residents, “How much do you earn?” © giancarlox21 / Reddit
  • I worked in a bar, and a new girl had started working there. She seemed a little rough with clients. One day, she finished her shift and ordered lemonade with ice at the bar. Her boyfriend came in. They had a huge fight in front of our manager and several customers. She poured her drink all over her boyfriend and dramatically stormed out. © lejolipamplemousse / Reddit

  • On his first day of work, this guy said, “And what is this?” to the employee who parked his car next to the new car this guy bought when he got hired (the employee didn’t touch the car). It turned out that the employee he was talking to was the CEO of the company. Literally, 10 minutes later, the guy was signing release papers. © NinthReever / Reddit

  • I work in construction. We got 2 new employees who were friends who started to work with us on the same day. My boss asked one of them to go get coffee and come back. This guy took everyone’s money and said he needed his friend to go with him because it was a big order. They never came back. © Dendad1218 / Reddit

  • I used to work on a drill rig. A new engineer was sent to the site and got assigned the night shift. After 5 nights, he called the office and said he wanted to go home because he was freezing and he felt bad. I didn’t figure out whether he quit, but it was clear that this job wasn’t for him. I asked the drillers what this guy was doing. It turned out they had a heater in the back of their van, and despite repeated invitations to sit in there, the guy just sat in his truck all night and shivered. In the middle of February. © Red_AtNight / Reddit

  • My boss was a real Don Juan who would hire any woman, regardless of the level of her training and what was written on her resume. Once, he hired a 16-17-year-old girl for a seasonal position. I asked her to reshelve the boxes in alphabetical order, and I watched her face contort while she muttered, stared at the wall, and tried to remember the alphabet song for kids. © MastaMind599 / Reddit

  • There was an incredibly strange girl in our office who turned up every day with her hair wet and wearing her pajamas and slippers. She lasted for about a week. © astrokade / Reddit

  • It lasted for 5 days. My boss hired an “executive chef.” This guy didn’t even know how to make a quesadilla. © jbiggs107 / Reddit

  • My document processing clerk was getting married and going on his honeymoon, so I hired a temporary employee. When I said, “Let me know if you need anything,” he replied, “This mouse is hurting my wrist.” © pienoceros / Reddit

Have you met people whose careers have faded just as rapidly?

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