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20 Impudent Animals Who Do Not Care About the Standards of Decency

When getting ready to have a pet, we all establish some rules of behavior in our house: no cats on the table, chewing furniture is not allowed, plants are not toys, etc. Cats and dogs, however, have their own unique understanding of the words “order” and “decency.” That’s why we sometimes catch them breaking the rules.

We at Bright Side know that cats like to mess around with house plants, and dogs find playing with mud attractive. But here are some pictures of animals doing things you’d never expect them to do.

1. “Human! You look stressed! HAVE ALL THE LOVE!”

2. “He’s on a diet. It’s not going great.”

3. “What’s up, human?”

4. “I think Nacho has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t like his new leash...”

5. “He squishes.”

6. “This is Mucha and she sleeps like this.”

7. “Do you like my new hat?”

8. “My coworker might enjoy paper shredding a little too much...”

9. “So my wife and I bought a new couch, at least we got to sit on it in the shop...”

10. “My father attempting to eat dinner in peace”

11. “My dog uses my new puppy as a pillow.”

12. “Assert dominance over humanity.”

13. “Nice teamwork!”

14. “I don’t remember buying this one.”

15. “Heard my husband screaming while in the shower...”

16. I am better than this plant, am I not?

17. “She just DOESN’T CARE.”

18. “My mother would rather sit on 1/3 of her chair than make him move.”

19. “Someone ran around in the freshly cut grass!”

20. “That’s what I get for walking to the fridge for 20 seconds to get a Diet Coke.”

Our pets are true rule breakers! How do your furry friends surprise you?

Preview photo credit kenlayne / reddit