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16 Reddit Users Who Forgot the Word “Boredom” When They Got Themselves a Cat

How dull and predictable life must have been before humans started living with cats. Just think about it: not hearing scratches on the door while you take shower, not getting woken up by an arrogant face that asks for food and treats, and not witnessing a cat’s fight to sit on a piece of newspaper. Luckily, we now have cats in our lives and it’s like watching a neverending show that makes us laugh and cry.

Here at Bright Side, we’re huge fans of cats and their quirky behavior, and we couldn’t stop laughing while looking at these 16 pics.

1. “She found a way to get under the house and out for the first time.”

2. “This is Felix, the neighborhood cat, asking for chicken and hugs, but mostly chicken...”

3. “Found her sleeping in my bathroom like this.”

4. “And they say black cats take bad photos...”

5. “They were fighting over who gets to sit on the newspaper.”

6. “She’s been escorting me to the shower and supervising until I get out since 2017.”

7. “Water bowl: untouched”

8. “I wanted to take a picture of how graceful she looked in her box and then she did this...”

9. “She just found out that we’re getting a second dog...”

10. Cat snacks are for the weak.

11. “Caught my little panther mid-yawn.”

12. “They’ve found the perfect ’judge you from afar’ position.”

13. “They haven’t quite figured out how to share the cat tree.”

14. “These 2 spend all day fighting, then give me 10 minutes of this. I’ll take it.”

15. “Majestic, dignified, and regal — these words describe other cats, not mine.”

16. “Found my cat chilling in the garbage can.”

Do you have a cat? In what way have they changed your life? Show us your pretty, fluffy felines in the comments!

Preview photo credit Sniperizer / Reddit