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17 Couples Who Cracked the Code of a Strong Relationship. Spoiler: Kid Around Together

If you think that laughing with your significant other is one of the secrets to a happy and long relationship, you’re absolutely right. Whether the 2 of you decide to dress up as superhero characters on Halloween, make hilarious Christmas cards for your family, or even run around shooting each other with gel guns, all these things will be part of the relationship’s history and contribute to a journey full of joy.

Now let’s have some fun with these couples that Bright Side found today.

1. “I introduced my parents to gel guns today.”

2. “ my wife and I came across a ’Fertility Stone’ in Ireland.”

3. “My wife and I won the funniest costume at the party.”

4. “My parents sent me this from their retirement community today.”

5. “My wife and I went retro for our Christmas card portrait this year.”

6. “My wife and I have kept this picture above our toilet for 5 years now.”

7. The best way to prank both families at the same time.

8. “My momma sent me this in a Snapchat today.”

9. “My son was really excited when my wife and I agreed to a Pokémon-themed Halloween until he saw my costume.”

10. “This is the photo my fiancé and I did for our wedding invitations....”

11. “Dear Wife, hold my hand, not hold my head!!”

12. “My wife and I just bought our first bulk buy hot sauce. We’re very proud.”

13. “At 15 weeks pregnant, my wife finally let us announce it on Facebook.”

14. “My wife and I went to Disney World. Also, the kids came.”

15. “My wife and I have done serious pics for every major life event.”

16. “My husband took this picture of me this morning while I was trying to clean my glasses”

17. “My wife is pregnant, and we did a ‘maternity shoot’ — this is my favorite pic.”

Do you and your loved one like to have a big laugh together? Share with us the most comical thing the 2 of you have done!

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