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A Man Managed to Lose 126 Pounds in a Year and Told Us How He Did It (No Strict Diets Required)

Restrictive fad diets and dietary supplements that promise fast and effortless weight loss are part of the reasons why so many people fail to reach the goal of their ideal weight and instead quit because of a lack of motivation. Francisco Sola, a young guy from Argentina, went through exactly the same experience. But after 30 failed attempts to lose weight, he decided to take a completely different approach to weight loss. He actually realized that healthier habits were the key to reaching his goal and, in the end, that change helped him lose 126 pounds in just one year.

Bright Side is all about celebrating perseverance and we found that Sola’s story was an amazing display of courage and dedication to follow his dreams. So we asked him for advice on how we could improve our mental and physical health, and this is what he told us.

The desire to make a positive change in his life was his main motivation to keep going.

It all began when he set off to start his own media company. In order to succeed, Sola had to learn new skills, and part of that process included expanding his knowledge on subjects like personal development, leadership, and management, among other topics. But he soon realized that his health was declining and that his body was not able to keep up with the pace of life he wanted to lead. So he decided to follow in the footsteps of influencers and other public figures who managed to change their lives for the better.

One day, after a long day of work, he stumbled upon a video that was meant to encourage viewers to retake, right then and there, any unfinished project. That was the little push Sola needed. Armed with a new set of skills and broadened knowledge, he was ready to fight for his health.

His key to success was to stick to his own habits.

After struggling to lose weight since age 14, and after at least 30 failed attempts, Sola was ready to take back control of his life and own the situation. He was 27 years old when he finally found the key to his success. The knowledge he acquired over time led him to believe that avoiding daily difficulties, which could easily become excuses, was the best way to maintain a new habit. For instance, he joined a gym that was close to his home so that he couldn’t say it was too far away and use that as an excuse to not go. He also enrolled in training sessions that were held at convenient times to make things easier.

Regarding food, his best shot was to actually go for foods that he liked, but that were healthy too. That was the compromise. Any healthy ingredient that could make a great dish and that he liked was on the menu. Soon enough, this new healthy-habit combo started to pay off.

Exercising is better done with people who have the same goals that you have.

At 330 lbs, he took the big first step. He committed to working out at the gym every single afternoon, from Monday to Saturday. Immediately afterward came the first sore muscles. But as he grew more accustomed to his new routine, he increased his caloric expenditure by adding 3 km of light walks a day. That’s when he noticed that the first pounds started to really drop off and he reached a weight of 231 lbs. He also felt he had more energy and was somehow revitalized.

He then began a new CrossFit routine while maintaining his daily walks. But Sola mentions that one of his most effective strategies to stay focused and not lose the habit of exercising was to join other like-minded people. It was them who gave him the motivation he needed when he was down and helped him shed a light on a part of himself that was hidden before. He now thought of himself as someone healthier and fitter.

Creating your own healthy eating routine is the best way to stick to a long-term diet.

Francisco’s diet includes pretty much everything he likes to eat, but always keeps in mind the quantities and times in which his body can handle them. Breakfasts and snacks with homemade bread, jam, coffee, and a banana are just a few of the examples of dishes included in his daily diet. Besides giving him enough energy to go through the day, this is a sustainable food plan because it includes meals that he likes, so there’s no way he will quit. This was the most effective methodology for Francisco and the one he recommends the most. You have to find foods that you like in order to create your own routine and cook your food in a fun but effective way.

It is important to keep in mind that one can always change for the better.

With time, new habits become part of your routine and it becomes easier and easier to stick to them. Suddenly, the path to weight loss becomes more manageable. An “action and reaction” scheme is essential for this purpose. Action is the effort you put into reaching your goal, and the reaction will be your reward. That the kind of mindset that led Francisco to achieve his goals. After all, that’s how he managed to create and stick to a balanced diet and join a group of like-minded people, all of this knowing that he could count on his loved ones. But above all, the amazing thing is that he not only enjoyed but loved the whole process.

It’s only when we realize that challenges are actually valuable opportunities to grow and that obstacles are the actual path, that we reach our goals and a stable source of motivation.

Being in the process of losing weight does not mean you have to give up guilty pleasures.

We are all human and it is normal to crave little rewards when we do our best. Sometimes, those rewards come in the form of “forbidden” or high-calorie foods. That’s why Francisco has his own trick when it comes to pampering your taste buds that are craving all those foods that can hamper your path to weight loss. And rest assured, it doesn’t involve not eating them! In fact, as long as you don’t make it a habit, Francisco thinks that having the occasional unplanned junk food treat isn’t the end of the world. However, he does stress the fact that real hunger must be satisfied with your regular, healthy food.

After 2 months, he started seeing the results of his efforts

Whenever you start doing something, the beginning seems slow and results are hard to see. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight: every day we stand in front of the mirror hoping to see that we’ve lost a bit of weight, but hardly anything has changed. However, Francisco is of the opinion that we should compare ourselves to how we looked a couple of months ago to really notice a significant change. Doing that can help you find the motivation you need. And from then onward, everything goes a little more smoothly. One day you wake up and notice that your clothes are looser or that you can exercise for longer periods of time without losing your breath.

Benefits can be noticed in both the physical and the mental.

Along with his weight loss process, Francisco improved his physical and mental health in a remarkable way. He came to the conclusion that his life had changed course completely. Today, Francisco feels that he is more in harmony with goals that previously seemed impossible to achieve. Not only has his health improved, but he also learned to enjoy every day and became more positive. Also, he became more aware of how his body responds to the challenges he has to face. All of these things show that changing your lifestyle is possible.

Francisco has managed to inspire more people to change and guide them.

Francisco already has a crowd of people around him who share and support each other in their experiences of overcoming and achieving weight loss. He has succeeded in setting people in motion to transform their lives. He also helps people who previously thought they could not achieve their goal and supports them on a personal level, helping them to understand the true power of creating healthy habits to achieve what we want most.

His main advice is to understand that day-to-day choices bring about big changes.

Francisco Sola managed to reach his goal after multiple failed attempts, and it wasn’t quick or easy. But in the end, this made him realize that everyone should forgive themselves for failing. That’s the first lesson in turning a decision into a decisive opportunity that can change your life. By focusing on the present, you can set your mind in the direction you would like to take. This is a good way to bring about the physical and mental health you were longing for. Then, by finding the foods you like best, exercising, and relying on people you trust, you can make the whole adventure more pleasant.

After losing 126 pounds in just one year, Francisco wants to send a message to all the people out there who do not have someone to guide them. He wants them to know that they can count on his knowledge and empathy through his social media accounts. This isn’t about secrets or magic formulas. It’s about creating good habits that are sustainable and, above all, fun.

Have you ever tried losing weight and failed? Do you have any tips that worked for you and that you’d like to share with others who might be struggling to lose weight? Share them in the comments!

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