Why More and More Dads Go on Parental Leave and Why it Changes Everything

Being a father is tough but, in the end, worth it. Some men are already taking paternity leave and this is a wise decision. Dads are just as important as mothers and children benefit immensely from their fathers’ contribution to their lives.

Bright Side breaks the stereotypes and explains why dads should take paternity leave as well.

1. Mothers feel less depressed.

According to a study, fathers who don’t engage in family matters may cause depression in mothers. The more active part dads take in the care of the baby, the less likely postpartum depression is to happen. That’s why it’s important for fathers to start taking care of their children as soon as possible.

2. Their marriage strengthens.

survey showed that 90% of men who took paternity leave noticed an improvement in their spousal relationship. The emotional support of fathers during the first days of baby care strengthened their marriage significantly. Besides, dads who take paternity leave are believed to have more stable parental relationships.

3. It promotes gender equality.

The active participation of dads in baby care can change the stereotype that caregiving is a female responsibility. The more men take paternity leave, the faster it becomes the norm. Besides, children look up to their dads. Researchers say that fathers also affect their kids’ future roles as parents and partners.

4. Women go back to work sooner.

Economists believe that interruptions in female careers lead to a worse position in their field of work. This leads to undermined economic prospects. It’s believed that paternity leave helps women land jobs easier.

5. Children benefit greatly.

According to research, kids who stay with their fathers show better performance at school. Extra bonding time also helps to build a strong father-child relationship later. Dads who take time off to care about their children express their love and interest in little ways: touch, play, talk, or just holding. This way fathers send a message to their kids saying, “You are loved and you are important to me.”

Do you believe all fathers should take paternity leave? Do you think they can do well?

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