20+ People That Know How to Turn a Boring Balcony Into a Piece of Art

There are people that can turn almost anything into a piece of art, give life to old useless things, and make the most impossible places cozy. And balconies, even the smallest ones, can be turned into great places for rest.

We at Bright Side love these transformations, so we want to share a compilation of the best examples we’ve found.

“Little balcony upgrade”

“This picture has 2 of my favorite spots in our home. The round chair on the balcony, and the sofa that you can barely see inside with the brown light for reading.”

“Perfect for a nice sunset drink after a long day!”

“The cat teepee looks really cozy.”

“Golden hour on my balcony”

“My new home office and balcony garden. I’ve grown almost all the plants by myself. And the dog.”

You can create a place for rest, even in the city.

“My friend’s apartment balcony in Santa Monica”

“I bought the bistro set off marketplace a few years back and it was white and chipped. I stripped it best I could and spray painted.”

My balcony, ready for summer

“Gave our balcony some life today!”

“My ’backyard’ is a 50-square-foot balcony.”

“Added finishing touches to my balcony!”

“Our cozy project for the summer!”

“My outside Zen zone — Minnesota spring nights”

“The balcony is reaching its final form.”

“A look at all the balconies I’ve designed. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that lighting makes all the difference.”

“It was my partner’s idea to buy fake grass. I was very skeptical but then I fell in love with it and found it really tied the space together.”

“Our balcony. Mom loves her flowers!”

“This is where I rest.”

“This egg chair is the best thing I’ve bought this year. It was not cheap but it was worth it.”

“It’s great here, even in the winter when the trees in front are covered with snow and when I can have a nice hot drink in the morning.”

“Someone has a habit of buying a small succulent or 3 every time they go to the store. This is what my balcony looks like now.”

Do you like spending time on your balcony? Would you like to transform it?

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