15 People Who Proved You Just Need a Little Money and a Pinch of Creativity to Make Your Balcony a Cozy Place

A balcony is a problem for many of us. We often use it for storage, storing our bikes, skis, canned foods, and other stuff there. But there are those lucky ones who use their balcony as a place for leisure and relaxation. By looking at the photos in today’s article, you’ll probably want to follow their example.

At Bright Side, we are convinced that we can create a cozy place for leisure and relaxation in any city apartment. In the end, you’ll find a bonus — a DIY balcony for cats.

1. “A cozy balcony for beautiful sunsets”

2. “Mid-day sun on my balcony”

3. “My little balcony on a sunny afternoon”

4. “My cozy balcony with a view of the forest”

5. “My oasis in the city”

6. “This is my first apartment and first time living somewhere with a balcony. So it’s been a lot of fun trying to decorate it and make it feel like home.”

7. “I almost died making this happen. But here’s my balcony before and after.”

8. “Our little balcony”

9. “Summer day on the balcony with a mister”

10. “I finally got some balcony furniture and lights.”

11. “Our little paradise on a small balcony”

12. “I made my balcony cozy for my cats and me.”

13. “I had a tiny balcony, skillful hands, and a bit of money.”

14. “I finally finished my balcony!”

15. “Balcony life in the city”

Bonus: Here’s what a balcony for cats looks like.

Do you use your balcony as storage or as a place for relaxation? Tell us in the comments below.

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Preview photo credit alexande / Pikabu, AlienUFO / Pikabu
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