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10 Inventions That Became World-Changers in 2021

You can easily turn your waste and garbage into useful compost, even at home with just a small device. A mouse is no longer needed because your finger can control every touch-screen. These and some others are inventions you can already buy in 2021.

We at Bright Side try to be on a wave with modern technologies, and so we have rounded up for you 10 devices of this year that can make your life much simpler.

1. Snowl: The finger mouse

The future is here. Now you can feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie with this finger mouse. Snowl is a wearable ring-shaped device. It brings a 3D range of motion to touch screens and computer mice.
Snowl has three modes: air mouse, joystick, and gesture mode. You can perform a variety of actions with this ring, including bringing games alive.

2. Lomi: The best way to compost at home

No more smelly garbage because you can now easily transform it in 4 hours into nutrition-rich compost. The end result is good for growing plants. This device is eco-friendly and has already saved 48 million bags worth of plastic from ever being produced.

3. SiB: The simple internet-connected button for $5

The SiB™ is a small, self-powered, wireless internet-connected button. The device can be programmed to do almost anything: To create an ecosystem of sensors to fulfill everyday needs, to power on and run programs, to communicate with you through the messaging app, to send instant messages, and even to measure the temperature.

4. Shower Power: The hydropower shower speaker

This shower speaker is made from 100% recycled ocean plastic and fits any showerhead. It’s waterproof and generates 100% of its power from water. You can easily listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts in the bathroom. When the shower is on, the speaker is on too.

5. Pet Portal: The low-key dog door with a Bluetooth sensor for the collar

The myQ Pet Portal is a smart solution for homeowners who want to keep their house secured and provide their pets with the freedom to play and potty when they want. It also has two cameras with two-way talk and night-vision.

6. SNOO: The smart sleeper for a baby

SNOO boosts the sleep of a baby with gentle rocking like a 24/7 babysitter. It has a quick response and often calms an upset baby in under a minute. Also, it has a “5-second swaddle” to reduce dangerous rolling. You can install the SNOO app and get daily sleep reports and tips.

7. Spray care band

SprayCare is a comfortable wearable liquid hand sanitizer dispenser that can clean your hands and other surfaces. No more bottled hand sanitizers. It looks very elegant and disinfects with a touch of a button.

8. Vormor: The text scanning and real-time voice translator

Vormor is a handheld translation device that has scanning and voice translation for 112 languages. Now you can easily translate printed or digital text and transform it into audio. It works even when the internet is not available.

9. KooKit: Keep your phone cool and wirelessly charged all at once

If you’re tired of overheating and uncharging your phone all the time, here is the solution. KooKit is a snap-on phone cooler and wireless charger designed in one product. Now you can watch videos, make video calls, and stream for much longer.

10. PressDrain: The bathtub drain hair cutter

PressDrain is a new generation bathtub filter that shreds hair into pieces. Just press it, and no more clogged bathroom, plungers, and plumbers.

Which device would you like to have at your place? What invention would you create to make daily life easier?

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